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Lovely Days

So it is a miserable friday here. It's pouring diamond drops outside, and I feel like I'm catching a cold...bleh. The good thing is that the grass and flowers will grow that much quicker! :)
 Anyway, I've come up with this little DIY for anyone who's reading this! I make gold 'tattoo' rings! All you need is a glue stick and gold leaf (here). First, you draw what you want on your hand, finger, or anywhere with the glue stick (a cool idea would be to use eyeshadow primer on your lids, and then press the gold leaf where you want it!). Next, you press a leaf over where you drew the glue, and scratch off the excess with the back of pencil or pen! Tada! Tattoo jewelry! I just have to come up with something that will make it stay for more than a couple of hours! ~I tried hairspray earlier, and it worked ok, but you can see for yourself! :) I will try to post some photos of mine sometime! To those in the U.S., have a lovely Friday, and to others who are from everywhere else, have a lovely Saturday or whatever day it is where you are!

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