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In Transition


Kasia Struss

Photography: Lachlan Bailey

Vogue Paris September 2013

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Cozy Places

Now that I've moved into my dorm, I can't help but constantly be thinking about how to make my space warmer and more like home.


In My Room

Sorry it has been a while since my last post! --I have a ton of new cool posts that include DIY's and editorials that I can't wait for you to see! This past weekend, I moved into my new home in Center City for college! It has been a surprisingly easy adjustment for me and Free People is only a few blocks back at Rittenhouse which is quite nice! So I thought I'd post some pictures of my dorm room wall for you all to see. I have a lot up and a lot more to go around the room. :)

Image 3


Your Perfect Fall Outfit

Leather skirts are popping up everywhere from department stores and the runway. This Fall, having a leather skirt is a must. Pick one that falls at the knee or just above and pair it with a chunky knit pullover. To spice it up a bit, wear black chunky heels.

shoes | sweater | skirt

Keep your hair and makeup simple. Sleek hair into a low bun and secure with a few bobby pins and an elastic. Paint your nails a neutral color like Essie's 'Sand Tropez.' For the face, tight line your upper lids, apply two coats of mascara and swipe on some oxblood lipstick!


polish | lipstick | eyeliner | mascara


Leah Goren's Original Portraits

I love simple art, especially portraits. The less lines, the more I'm impressed. It blows my mind how some artists can make one stroke, and suddenly a mouth appears. I guess I will learn how to do that in art school. ;)

Paintings by Leah Goren.

Free People Lookbook: Blue Belle


Oversized Tees

freefit1 | 2 | 3

I'm really into oversized tees right now. They are so comfy it's ridiculous, and they can be styled in a million different ways. Dress them up or down, and you're sure to look super cool.  Free People has a bunch of different styles including striped, stoned washed, low-back, butterfly and the popular hi-low hemline. --I'm usually not a fan of hi-low hemlines (especially on dresses) however, it gives a normal tee an edgier look. 




have you ever noticed that when the transition from summer to fall happens, the sunlight becomes brighter? my favorite time of day is right before the sun goes down and the light is orange. it reflects off of everything in this really neat way. the world looks like a fairytale with thousands of bugs buzzing around and the leaves on the trees illuminated. take a little time to notice the light, not just the dark. 


Dancing Gypsy

dancing gypsy

I love creating outfits that have bohemian accents like coins, tassels and intricate embroidery. This particular dress from Calypso St. Barth is great because it has flattering lines and is a length that shows off the legs. It also has beautiful cascading gold embroidery that works well with the clutch I chose from Anthropologie, and the stack of bangles I found at Free People. The Jeffrey Campbell boots have just enough hardware to be used in a dressier look and the chunky heel gives height and lengthens the legs. Also, the boots provide a bit of a tough edge. Everything in this outfit can be easily worked into a number of outfits, making them great investment pieces!

dress | clutch | boots|bracelets


Gaga's New Track: Applause

If you didn't know, Lady Gaga's newest single, Applause, was leaked today. Apparently, some hackers uploaded the song to the web a week before it was supposed to be released. Oops. In any event, welcome back Mama Monster! Hear the song below!

Expanding Thoughts

“You are being called to create your life in a more mythic way. Spent time coming to clarity about what your personal myth actually is. Remember: you are the creator. Life does not just happen to you! Examine the parts of your life script that are not working so that you can change and rescript those parts that are not serving your most expanded unfoldment as a hero/heroine of your myth.”

Images via Pony Gold // Quote via Mystic Mama.


Inspired Design: White

Style is translated through many facets of living including fashion, home design, and jewelry. Often, parallels can be found between the areas including shape, textile technique, color and texture. Monochromatic styled living has been trending the past few years, creating a space of interest and unexpected depth. Probably the most popular color used in creating this atmosphere is white. White represents cleanliness, light, purity, rebirth and innocence, which provides the necessary mood when trying to express ones vision.



Zara Woman Fall Campaign Fall 2013

Well crap. Zara does not make it easy for me to resist it! I am obsessed with the gray tones that were used throughout this campaign (hint: gray is Fall's 'it' color).


August Catalog Sneak Peek! Roshambo: Paper-Scissors

Free People's August catalog is another chapter from their story, Roshambo. I can't to see the rest of the catalog and the accompanying video! Stay tuned!

The Best Salad You Will Ever Taste

So the other night I make this insanely  good salad with just about every vegetable I could find in the fridge. I am sharing the recipe so everyone can try it too! It's super easy to make, and if you don't like a vegetable, you can substitute it or leave it out. :)

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 12.07.14 PM