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Manic Monday...

Hope everyone is having a decent Monday! Here are some pictures to inspire you and get you through the day! :)

she drapes herself in fabric the color of the earth and sky so she blends with the landscape as she walks barefoot, careful so as not to disturb the life that calls the ground and trees home.  she gathers petals and leaves that have fallen and uses them to adorn her hair and body, soaking in their energy.
she lives by the sun, loves by the moon, dances with the stars, sings with the wind and grows with the trees. 
~Free People

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  1. these photos are fantastic!loving your blog! definitely digging the hippie vibes ;)~candice xx

  2. Thank you so much Candice! :)

  3. Taylor-Coming from another girl Taylor I think your blog is awesome. Seems like you have a little California in you. Awesome pictures! Rae

  4. Thanks! I hope to at least vacation to Cali more often if I don't move out there! I love the chill vibe!


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