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Keith Urban Concert

So last night, I went to the Keith Urban concert in Philly, and it was AMAZING! My aunt said it was the best concert she's ever been to! We were on the floor, in the second section back. I got to run up to the front next to the stage and I TOUCHED HIM. I touched his boots a few times, his jeans, his hand and his wedding ring! Then when he was running through the crowd later on, I got a hold of his arm! I still cannot believe it! He is my favorite singer of all time! He seemed so nice and went out into the audience a lot. He even had mini stages set up in different places on the floor and the second section. He actually signed a guitar he was playing and gave it to someone! I bought a t-shirt and a poster which I will frame for my new bedroom! :) Oh, and I lost my hearing and voice, but it was oh so totally worth it, for sure! <3 <3 <3

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