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There's A Rumbly In My Tumbly!

I'm wandering around the nourishment section of the BLDG25 blog. FP Naomi posted today about a Pineapple Gazpacho...umm, yum! I love gazpacho and it's so perfect on a hot Summer day! I think I will make this sometime for dinner this week! You can get the full recipe here!

Previous entries include this one from FP Julia! It is a Avocado Crostini, which is a piece of crusty bread with mashed avocado on top, drizzled olive oil and salt and pepper! I have to admit that I make this all of the time! I could honestly eat avocado everyday. I usually just cut on in half and sprinkle salt and pepper on it. It's on of my favorite snacks!
Lastly, I just came across these cookies. I am a giant fan of henna, and these are just too cool! You can find the recipe here via the BLDG25 Blog!

Ok, so now I am ridiculously hungry! I hope everyone has a nice, not-too-hectic Monday! I'm stoked because Friday night I go to see Keith Urban in concert!!!! He is in my top three favorite singers! :) If you have any good recipes for anything, please email me! I would be more than happy to post them! 

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  1. That Avocado Crostini looks delicious. Just had some avo a while back, may be I should try it. And those henna cookies looks so cool.


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