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I have always been fascinated with the 1960's and 1970's and believe I was born in the wrong decade! However, as much as I would have loved to be at Woodstock festival and been apart of it all, not being able to do so creates an ignorance within me, allowing my mind to create the aura of what it was like. 
Not only was the music unique to its time, and the clothes super rad, but both still thrive today. It's pretty spectacular that fifty years later, people are still interested and inspired by these two areas of art! 
This is a mini dedication to a much simpler time, and hopefully my blog reaches those who are older than the twenty-somethings, and can relive their memories through these pictures!
This is Janis Joplin's Porsche which she painted herself! I saw this last Summer at the Grammy Museum in Hollywood! I just about died when I saw it!
****If anyone has any stories to share about the 60's and 70's and especially Woodstock, please do share! I'm psyched to hear them! :)****
~Much love and peace xoxo


  1. we're totally in the same position! read the about me section

  2. for sure Rea! ;) so not fair!

  3. Very interesting that now Outside Lands in San Francisco is now on Augst 15-17th.


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