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Leibster Award

Hey everyone! I have just been nominated for the Leibster award by the lovely Hanna of THFM! The idea behind the award is to not only recieve the award but give it as well! This also gets the word out about blogs with under 200 followers! There are so many blogs I follow, but many of them have over 200 followers. Anyway, below are my top 5 blogs that I love!

Thank you so much Hanna for nominating me for this award, and your comment brightened my day! It was a very nice surprise!

1) BLDG25 Blog: Ok, so I'm not sure how many followers these guys get, but this is my favorite blog of all time! Julia is such a great writer, and she posts the most beautiful pictures of everything from clothing, to art, to diy projects! <3 Free People.

2) Surf Addict Fashionista: Rea's blog is truly inspiring and she is the sweetest! He posts are thoughtful as well as inspiring! The weaves in her personal life into her blog to join together with her photo shoots and other photos. Perfection!

3) Baumbach: This blog never fails to inspire me and I think our tastes are similar! Lovely, Lovely, Lovely!

4) I Am Sugar Stoned: Such a cool blog with a mixture of subjects!

5) Strawberry Freckleface : She has such an interesting and unique style and I love love love her photo shoots! They are very inspiring!


  1. AGREE with every one of your choices! . . and babe, I'm pretty sure the free people blog have like a BILLLION followers (but is my fave aswell so you know youre off the hook ;)

  2. haha yeah agreed! but it's the best! ;)

  3. sweety thank you soo soo soo much! I can't tell you how happy that makes me :) I love your blog too and check it out every time! I think this is all happening because we have the same taste ;)much loveSurfAddictFashionista


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