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What I'm Listening To!

1) Long Hot Summer- Keith Urban: Such a great Summer song! It makes me want to go to Southern California and ride with the top down!

2) Oops...I Did It Again- Britney Spears: Classic Brit! I've been listening to this song since I was little! It never gets old! It reminds me of my cousin and playing with my friends when I was younger!

3) Just A Boy- Angus & Julia Stone: I love to paint to this song! It has this 'flow' that I love!

4) Games People Play (Cover)- Lissie: I have the original version by Joe South as well, but I love Lissie's voice and her version of this song! This song keeps me in check!

5) Bedroom Eyes- Dum Dum Girls: Catchy tune, and it's a great daydreaming song!

6) Let It Rain- David Nail: He has an amazing voice, and this song gets to me every time I hear it!

7) Wine Red- The Hush Sound: This group is so different! I discovered this song on Pandora about a year ago, and I have loved it since!

8) Dirt Road Anthem- Jason Aldean: I love Country music...if you haven't been able to figure it out by now! Some people bash this song because he raps in the middle of it, but I love how unique it is!

9) Brighter Than the Sun- Colbie Calliat: Another great painting song!

10) Constellations- Jack Johnson: This song is like a lullaby for me...if I wake up from a bad dream, all I have to do is put this song on!

11) Stupid Boy- Keith Urban: I love everything about this song!

12) Fading- Jewel: She's so talented, and this song reminds me that we all have our insecurities about our appearances, and not to focus on it too much, because it isn't what counts in the end.

13) Knee Deep- The Zac Brown Band (ft. Jimmy Buffet): A great combo of voices! This song makes me wish I was on a tropical island!

14) You Outta Know- Alanis Morrisette: Such a kick-ass song! Love that rad chick!

15) Criminal- Britney Spears: Catchy tune, and one of my favorite songs on her latest album, Femme Fatale!

What are some of your favorite tunes? I would love to get some new suggestions! Leave a comment below! :)


  1. Britney Spears..I hate to admit it but that's my girl. "oops I did it again" that is a classic song and is on heavy rotation in my ipod. I enjoy criminal too. She is the best to listen to when working out.-MadeleineSwell

  2. Yeah I agree! She is great to work out to, and I listen to all of her old stuff constantly! I'm glad I'm not the only one!


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