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American Idol!

So who in the US is excited for American Idol to start up again tonight? I'm stoked! I've been watching the show for years, and I love it! I'm planning on grabbing a bowl of popcorn and laughing my 'you know what' off! I wonder what new rhymes Steven Tyler will have for us! Happy watching!


  1. Loving your blog. What do you prefer; American Idol or the X factor that Simon Cowell is currently trying to sell? Following your blog :)Check mine out if you get a

  2. I prefer American Idol 100%! I don't like all of these other copy-cat shows. AI was the first show of it's kind, and so many great artists have thrived because of it. I also really like the judges. Steven Tyler is a hoot, JLo is sweet and sensitive, and Randy is the show's reality check. There were a few rough idol years, but I believe it is thriving now! Not to mention, Ryan Seacrest is the best host in this country! ;) I will be following you also! Thank you for commenting! Have a lovely week!


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