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Golden Globe Nail Art

 In honor of last night's Golden Globe Awards, here is a DIY for Zooey Deschanel's cute tuxedo nails!
 1) You will need: Nailpolish remover (if needed), cotton squares/balls (if needed), clear base coat, clear top coat, white nail polish, and black nailpolish (thin brush if possible).
1.5) Get rid of all chipped nail polish with nail polish remover and those cotton squares/balls.
2) Start with a base coat to protect your nails, then when they dry, paint a coat of white (two if necessary!).
3) Once your nails are dry, paint black tips onto all of your nails.
4) Follow by painting little 'bows' onto each nail. Tip: by doing the bows first, you will be able to see how many 'buttons' will fit underneath, depending on the length of your nails.
5) Lastly, put one to three dots under each bow tie as buttons!

I think they are adorable, but as you can see, my nails are super short! I bite them way too often! The polish isn't perfect either, but this was my first time doing this! --The real trick is to figure out how to paint my other hand!!!

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  1. That is sooooo cool! I think I'd fail! Lol! You did an amazing job! -xx-


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