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Dream Walls

Conveying what you're trying to say can be tough sometimes, especially if you are on the quiet side --like me. Luckily, I figured out for myself pretty early, that I can express myself through art
I love to create by drawing, painting, but also by making dream catchers and flower wreathes. For me, creating things is a great stress reliever and is very therapeutic. I can blast Keith Urban music on my stereo, and get lost in the process, but I can still concentrate on a singular thing, depending on what I'm making.
By allowing our soul's to come-out and dance around, for a time, whether it be through drawing, painting, dance, music, speech, writing, observing, etc, we not only begin to realize our dreams, whether they are big or small, but also unleash our own Mini-Da Vinci. I believe we all have this Mini-Da Vinci, who is very capable of creating, and craft things well. Our Mini-Da Vinci's have the capability to fabricate something that no one else could come up with, or may not even understand. Connecting with ourselves is crucial to growing and understanding the world around us.
Yves Saint Laurent became in touch with his Mini-Da Vinci by creating a Dream Wall in 1967 for Vogue, which reflected on his subconscious goals and dreams. In British Vogue's December 2008 issue, Emma Elwick urged various designers to partake in the same challenge. Each artist made their own Dream Wall, which exhibits each designer's own personal drawing style, but further-more, expresses on one piece of paper, their personalities.
As a tribute to Yves Saint Laurent, I made a Dream Wall to share with you! Some things I drew and wrote weren't dreams, but were activities and things I like, which reflect who I am. They fuel my imagination and Mini-Da Vinci.
The first thing I noticed about my Dream Wall, was that it screams color, like me. It also presents my reliance on creativity, in my everyday life, and how many of them are connected to each other through creativity, music, and nature. You can also tell that my favorite season is Summer, and that the beach is my favorite place! All of these little pieces of myself, come together, like a game of Connect the Dots, and it helps me to understand where my thoughts come from.

Yves Saint Laurent

Rick Owens


Luella Bartley

Giles Deacon

Bruno Fisoni


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  1. So pretty! I love all of them especially yours!


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