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Egg Hunt

I haven't been having the best of days this past week with having my wisdom teeth removed and a series of events that just don't seem to stop. However, it is almost Easter, which leaves me still fooling around with blowing out eggs to decorate, and making egg-shaped candles. I absolutely love decorating eggs this time of year, and as a crafter, I still manage to find some way to salvage a broken egg shell! Here is some Martha Stewart-worthy egg decorating inspiration to help you get in the holiday spirit, and hopefully you will try a few of these out! Good luck and Happy Easter!


  1. happy easter!all of these eggs are too too cute. i stumbled across your blog via IFB and i think its adorable! i'm following you :)xoxo,alicia // river city

  2. I hope you had a good easter! All of those eggs were too cute! Love the colours. -xx-

  3. wow loving these egg decorations. Will def have to try it!! Loving your blog!


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