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Geometric Art Contest

Geometric art can be seen in various places, such as Native American Jewelry, cubism, the Egyptian pyramids, modern art, and any building. It is fascinating to me because it is all starts from the vision of one  flat shape. These shapes have the power to make a flat canvas look three dimensional, a piece of paper become a swan, help to produce the best conceptual designs, and even trick our minds. 


You have two options to choose from which are listed below. Pick either one, or both if you'd like! You may enter multiple times, but make sure to 'like' For Sure J'adore on Facebook, and Follow via Google (right hand column-->)! Please keep all entries appropriate for sharing on FSJ. One winner will be chosen from each contest option, and those two people will receive a one-of-a-kind piece of geometric art from me!

Entry Form:
Please include...your name, your country, artwork link & summary (see below).
Easy, right!?!?!
All entries must be received to me by June 1, 2012.

Prizes (!!!):
  • One piece of geometric art made by me for each of the two winners
  • A blog post with their summaries and pictures of artwork

1) I challenge you all to either go on Pinterest or Google, and look up geometric art.  Pick your favorite piece and try to understand it. Get to know the artist's reason for creating the piece and/or the reasoning behind it. Send me the link to the piece and a short write up (a few sentences) about why you love it! Include some background information on it or the artist!

2) I challenge you to create your own piece of geometric art, whether it be a painting, drawing, paper sculpture, etc. Send me a picture of it/link, and a short summary on the ideas behind the piece, why you chose to make that particular type of geometric art, etc. 

Good luck!

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