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12 Tips to Ease Into the Summer!

School is officially out for the Summer on Friday! I just have to get through finals and waking up early for a few more mornings. I went online tonight to see if I could find any tips on 'easing into the Summer,' and I thought I might as well make my own! 

1) Ride your bike.
Even better yet, with a friend! Pick a destination like your favorite spot in a park, or the ice cream shop! Not only is it great exercise, but also a great way to see what's going on around town!

2) Pick some flowers.
Enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature is what Summer is really all about! Bring some of her creations into your home to give it a fresh pop of color and a lovely fragrance!

3) Paint your toes.
Whether it's an aztec inspired design, or a neon color, paint your toenails! It will inspire you to go barefoot more often and make you smile when you look at the ground! For nail inspiration click here for my overflowing Pinterest board!

4) Go for a drive.
Clear your head, roll down the windows and play your favorite song! For the adventurous spirit, go on a road trip!

5) Put on a sundress.
You know you want to...

6) Drink some fresh iced tea (in a mason jar). ♻ 
Good for you, easy to make, refreshing, and it tastes like Summer!

7) Listen to Long Hot Summer by Keith Urban.
It's a feel-good song, he's awesome, and the video is perfection! Humor Me.

8) Go swimming.
Ocean, pool, creek, river...bathtub!

9) Lay in the sun.
***make sure to wear sunscreen!!!***

10) Sleep in.
Go get some of that much needed sleep! You deserve it! 

11) Make art or look at some.
Art is very powerful, and there is no right or wrong when creating it or interpreting it. Go to a local gallery or at least explore online! Society6 is a great place to start! Even better yet, go make some art of your own! 
  • make a collage
  • paint with random colors
  • pick an object and try to express it in as many ways as you can
  • make a dreamcatcher out of all things natural
  • make jewelry
  • draw yourself, a pet, a friend, or the view of where you are
  • pick a DIY project from my Pinterest board and try it out!

12) Hit the beach.
Need I say more? ;)

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