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Barr Sugarhigh + Lovestone's Chloe was kind enough to let me interview her about her experience styling the new photo shoot with the ever-rad, Alexandra Valenti. Pairing their grungy and earthy look with the raw elements of wind and water, the team came together to create another unique and intriguing shoot. And as Chloe said, "you can't fight the elements." 
What was your inspiration for the shoot?

Our inspiration for the shoot was somewhere between mood + the elements. 

How was working with Alexandra Valenti? Did you go into the shoot with a certain goal, or was it more of an organic process?

I loved working with Alexandra!! The whole experience felt very organic. We both like to keep the planning to a minimum + leave plenty of room for spontaneity. I must also add that Alexandra is an amazing creative director. She has a way of capturing those magical moments in between stillness that happen so fast you would never know they existed until you saw her photos. I love that!! She's also an incredibly down to earth chick + very comfortable to work with. Lauryn Holquist (model) brings her own element of magic to the table. She moves beautifully and never takes a bad picture so I knew pairing these two babes up for a shoot would be EPIC. 

How did the weather impact the shoot/outfits chosen?

When it comes to planning an outdoor shoot, anything can happen and it always seems to turn out best when you don't have too many expectations. If you can't fight the elements, you need to be ready to run with them. 
When it came down to styling this shoot, i was totally over prepared! Since we hadn't completely decided on a direction I brought everything I had and pulled a ton of pieces from Laced with Romance. I think I was just nervous about being underprepared and as such a long time fan of Alexandra's work I really wanted to have my shit together for this one. With the storm quickly approaching, I was frantically rummaging through my Mary Poppins suitcase and throwing things together on the fly... not to mention we were shooting under some huge power lines that were begging to get struck by lightning. I think we made it out just in time!

What is next for SH+LS?

As for SH+LS, Tami + I are making our way back to our Maui home for the winter where we plan to shoot our Spring lookbook, get our tan lines back, surf + eat coconuts! 

model: Lauryn Holmquist
styled by: Chloe Chippendale 

all clothing by Sugarhigh + Lovestoned
jewelry by Heyoka + Torchlight
accesories from Laced with Romance, Austin TX

"It is only in sorrow bad weather masters us, in joy we face the storm and defy it" ~ Amleia Barr

See the rest of the photographs here!


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