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Flashback: 2012

Thanks to all of you who follow my blog, or have visited it. I love all of the comments and feedback I receive. This year has been really great for my blog and me, and I have accomplished so many things (some of which I can't even believe) that I want to share with you. 
So here's to this past year and to the one ahead *raises glass* that I hope you will come back and spend with me! 
Have a rockin' and safe New Year's Eve + I will see you in 2013.

Kept in touch with blog friends, and made some new ones! 
 From Left: Tami Snodgrass of Sugarhigh+Lovestoned, Rea Papathanasiou of Surf Addict Fashionista, Natalie Balker of Natalie B. Jewelry, Rachel Urquhart of Pony Gold, Chloe Chippendale of Sugahigh+Lovestoned.

Island Vacation in Massachusetts. 

Arranged some rad outfits.

Kept up with the latest trends in fashion, + shared them with you.
Went to a bunch of concerts and met Eden's Edge + Chris Young.

Interviewed Chloe Chippendale of Sugarhigh+Lovestoned about their (then) newest photo shoot.

Made new artwork.

Got a third schnauzer puppy (Mr. Forrest Gump).

Jammed out to Keith Urban + he blew me a kiss! ;)

Went to prom.

Talked to some really rad people on Twitter (Rachel Zoe, Charlie McDermott, Hoda Kotb, etc.).

+ finally met Charlie McDermott from ABC's, The Middle!

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  1. I hope the year ahead holds lots of great things for you Taylor!
    Raych x


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