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Holiday Oufit #1 ~ Free People

    With the holidays really just around the corner (can you believe it?), I thought I'd style a few outfits you can wear as is or get inspiration from and use what you have in your own wardrobe!
My first outfit consists of really versatile garments and accessories from Free People. This look is for the bohemian rocker chick who will be dancing and mingling at a dinner party. She is a night owl and everyone wants to know her. My focus for this outfit was the Velvet Gown Slip, which comes in blue and a dusty rose color. It's the perfect length, and the velvet is to die for. From that I added the Vintage Enamel Pendant and Marciella Crossbody, which gives the outfit texture and depth. Finally, I finished the outfit with these rad Scout Heeled Boots. These guarentee every woman height and the leather gives comfort. 
 I'd love to see this outfit complimented with subtle shimmery eyeshadow and a couple of sequins around the eyes, along with a couple coats of mascara and a nude lip. 

**I'd also like to offer up my outfit styling to anyone who is interested! Email me if you are :) **

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  1. free people is one of mt favorites! this velvet dress is stunning and i love how you styled it with an edgy boot.xoxo,alicia river city chic

  2. That velvet dress is definitely on my list!

  3. Wow! I love your blog. I found it Via Rachel Urquhart. I want that velvet gown. Stop by my blog<3 Paris


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