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Recently I have found myself to be overwhelmed with all of the activity in my life. With everything from the holidays and college applications, to shaping up my portfolio and school work, I have been majorly stressed. 

I discovered this quote on the Free People blog last week, and it really resonated with me. The last line especially, and I have been thinking about it whenever I start to feel upset. I tell myself, "how do you feel right now?" Usually the answer is fine, and I try to surround myself with thoughts that relate to that feeling. If the answer is crappy, then I ask myself, "Ok, so what can I do right now to change how I feel." --Not focusing on tonight, tomorrow, or next week. Just now. I almost always find a solution, and it usually includes me just checking my blog, sketching, listening to my favorite Keith Urban album and  browsing shops online. 

I think starting yoga again has helped me to come up with these solutions in that I am able to slow my thoughts just like I practice during class. What are your solutions to dealing with stress? 
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