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Wednesday Stylist: How do you wear your Summer staples in Winter?


Acne extra long t shirt / Topshop hot shorts / People Tree , $64 / Bra / Free People / Engraved jewelry / Fred Perry Clayton Chukka Sneaker

I'm not sure about where you are, but here in Philadelphia, the weather 
has been mild one day and cold the next. --One day last week 
I woke up and there was a dusting of snow on the ground, and
 a couple days later, it was almost 60 degrees out. Go figure. 
I will admit that I have a lot more Summer clothing than Fall and Winter (with the
 exception of sweaters), so sometimes it's difficult for me to find a cute outfit to
 wear that incorporates some of my favorite staple pieces. 
With t-shirts and high-waisted shorts, wear an oversized sweater and depending
 on the temperature outside, a pair of thick pair of wool socks or stockings. 
Add your favorite chunky Summer jewelry and a fun boho bag! 
What is your favorite way to incorporate your warm weather favorites?

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