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Roses Are Red

Be My Valentine
Dear Followers,

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
This may be cliche, 
but I love you!

Thank you all so much for visiting and keeping up with my blog! These past few months have been especially stressful for me with visiting numerous colleges and finally choosing one. However, this blog is a great creative outlet for me, and it wouldn't be nearly as much fun creating if there weren't people to see it. This blog is a place for me to voice my opinion, share what I'm into, and whatever I feel like posting. 

I am currently working on a few DIY projects that I can't wait for you to see as well as a collaboration with the ever-creative Rachel Rice! I also did a photo shoot with my beloved Free People dress and a few other garments I love that I will be posting within the coming days. 

There is a whole lot coming up on the blog, and I'm so excited to share it with you!
Have a happy and safe Valentine's Day wherever you are in the world!


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  1. Can't wit to see your upcomoing projects! Sounds so cool! xxMedge


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