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Wednesday Stylist: Putting Your Best Foot Forward


John Fluevog / John Fluevog platform shoes / John Fluevog leather shoes / John Fluevog leather slip on shoes, $260 / John Fluevog , $145 / John Fluevog brogue shoes / John Fluevog platform shoes / John Fluevog flat shoes, $145 / John Fluevog mid heels / John Fluevog / John Fluevog brogue shoes, $265 / John Fluevog , $145 / John Fluevog sling back shoes, $165

I've always thought that accessories had the ability to complete an outfit. They can transform a simple outfit consisting of nothing but basics, into a head-turning ensemble. One accessory that can leave a big impact is a pair of shoes, whether they are platforms, wedges, pumps, converse or loafers, your shoes can say a lot about you. I love these shoes above by John Fluevog and I think they are great sources of shoe inspiration! He has the coolest designs from heels and oxfords to ankle boots and platform clogs (my favorite!).

Often times, we fall into a rut of wearing the same couple pairs of shoes over and over again until the season changes...I am guilty as well. Shoes become worn and molded to our feet and 9/10 times they go with just about every outfit we own. Challenge yourself to find at the store or in the back of your closet, shoes that express your mood and fit your destination for each day. --That may mean that you wear one pair of shoes there times this week, that's fine! My point is simply try to branch out and try something new. You will be surprised how a pair of shoes can change the mood of an outfit!

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