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For this festival outfit, I wanted to stick to Free People's products, because they embody what festivals are all about, which is having a carefree time in comfortable and stylish clothes. When I think of festivals and what I would wear, I think of color. Lots of color. I often wear grays and blacks because that is what I'm drawn to when I'm shopping, so I want to stray from that and give off that sunny Summer day vibe. 
The first item I picked was this gorgeous lightly tie dyed tank dress, which features a slightly asymmetrical hemline. It's a great base piece and because the colors are faint, a lot can be paired with it.  Next I picked this leather hip belt which I saw at the store the other day. It's made from really soft but durable leather. I was inspired by a look that I saw Chloe Chippendale from Sugarhigh + Lovestoned wear a while back. She paired a short black dress with a hip belt, and I thought it was genius.

From here, I picked the under garments. I love these lace bike shorts because they add a little bit of detail to the legs as well as being functional when the wind blows. I also chose this periwinkle lace bralette again for the detail, but also for the color and comfort. Next I chose these really modern looking hot pink sandals! They look like they'd be super comfy and add a nice unexpected pop of color. Lastly, I chose the Indian Bell bracelets to give the outfit a bit of interest. I feel like every time I look at these bracelets, I discover something new about them.

I feel that this outfit is fully functional and comfortable without sacrificing style and purpose! Would you wear it? Share your thoughts below. :)

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