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La Dolce Vita Vita Vita

The Free People Family section of their latest catalog was by far my favorite. Each shot is like a family portrait taken in the 70's that was captured on an old polaroid. I was drawn to this particular section because all of the 'family members' radiate with sunlight and they seem to fade in and out of the picture.  In addition, my favorite time of day is when the sun is just starting to set, and everything is covered with this sheer orange light. --These photos give me the same mood, which I love. 
I'm also kind of in love with the cream dress in the third picture down. It should be hanging in my closet. ;)
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  1. absolutely beautiful boho lookbook, love these photos a lot xoxwould you like to follow each other?Axxhttp://epiquemoi.blogspot.comCheck out my new post at Fashion Week Australia!

  2. The dress in the first shot is amazing, the detailed and beading is simply beautiful... I just love how they make boho style look so effortless and chic.xo,

  3. Love how bohemian this are. Free People does great lookbooks and catalogs.XX** Styleidnet INSTAGRAM **** Style Id Net ** * Bloglovin *.


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