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A Fine High Lonesome Madness

Sugarhigh+Lovestoned Summer 2013 Lookbook
photog // aaron feaver
model // shannon roxanne
styling // chloe chippendale
hair+makeup // danielle walch
body paint // erika flores

Close your eyes and fall into the un-tamed, un-explored oceans of your mind. Tune in, get high, get blown, trip-out, tap into the vibration, taste the rainbow, find god + let the music set you free. This one is for the day-trippers, Woodstock runaways, free-thinkers, kaleidoscope-eyed wanderers + anyone who's rolled around in body-paint to 'Castles made of sand'.

Tripped-out army jackets from the 70's, tie-dye bellbottoms, vintage-soft tees, crystal necklaces, chokers + armbands... everything you need to drop-out into that psychedelic summer high... available exclusively at
Jewelry by Torchlight <3 span="">

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