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Easy Summer Hair: Braids

Braids are showing up all over the runways these days. --and rightfully so. They are super easy to wear, comfortable, and there are endless ways to style them. Wear them pinned around your head like at Alice + Olivia, or in two fishtails like at Tory Burch. My favorite part about braids is how wavy my hair is when I come out of the ocean and take them out when they're dry! 

Photos via Harper's Bazaar.

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  1. Oh I jast have to keep waiting while my hair grow...) And I love braids!Daria,

  2. I love braids too, but since I have a bob hairstyle, I can just look at these amazing pictures for now!

  3. I love braids, unfortunately I never manage to get them right :(

  4. I love braids! It takes a little bit of time to get them right, but soo worth it!-Lindsey,

  5. Thanks for the summer hair inspiration! Found you as one of the fellow IFB Links a la Mode bloggers this week...

  6. This is an awesome trend. Just wish I could pull it off. I can not braid my hair :Ali ofDressing Ken

  7. Great post! <3


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