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I love posting my handmade crafts and found vintage items on Etsy. I recently posted some new things in my shop, and I will be adding a lot more soon! 
If you have a custom order or an idea for something I should carry in my shop, email me at :)

100% recycled materials. Featuring seaglass, feather, beads, turquoise, silver feathers, + crystals.
13" long, 4" diameter.

Western Tribe Drawing, $25.00 $15.00.
Marker and ink drawing.

☾ 9" in length with another 3" in adjustable chain.
☾ setting is approximately 1" in height and 1" wide.

Handmade wire headbands that can also be used as bun wraps. Perfect for adding a bohemian touch to a simple outfit or just to keep your hair out of your face! Other colors available. to request a custom headband, email me

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  1. Hi its really looks pretty on seeing this art..i couldn't believe that we can do it by handmade..gonna try it when am free..revista de arte


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