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This post is loonnnggg overdue! The past couple of years, fabric hair ties from Kitsch have become more and more popular. I will admit that I was skeptical of whether or not they would work as well as 'normal' hair ties. Yeah they are cute and come in a million different colors and styles, but would they be able to hold up my ponytail? Would they be secure enough to use them more than a couple of times? Would they hurt my head? Are they stretchy enough? Too stretchy? So, I decided to try them out. I have two kinds, the Metallic pack, and the Tie Dye pack. 
They keep my ponytail and braids secure. They have lasted a few months and are still working just as well as when I took them out of the packaging. They don't hurt my head. --This one is really important to me, because I wear ponytails a lot! Normal hair ties often give me a headache after a couple hours, and I honestly don't experience that with the Kitsch ties. They are stretchy, but not too stretchy and they are super cute! 
I also love wearing the hair ties as bracelets and wrapping them around posters instead of rubber bands because they don't crease the paper! 
My rating? A solid 10/10. 

I also got the Moon Charm necklace and matching post earrings in silver. I wear the necklace everyday. It goes with everything and it's really light. It also retains it's shine and doesn't turn my neck green (a plus!). The earrings I don't wear nearly as much as I should, due to the fact that I always forget to wear earrings. ;)

Have you tried anything from Kitsch? Do your like their hair ties? 
Comment below! :)

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