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Washed Ashore

I am completely obsessed with this catalog. It is so magical and is a perfect way for my mind to get into the slow Summer mode. Model, Behati Prinsloo, resembles a washed up mermaid from the deep sea. I wish I could look like that! ;)


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Behind the Scenes Look at Washed Ashore

Hair Tutorial from Washed Ashore!

Washed Ashore - Free People 

June E-Catalog

model // Behati Prinsloo

photography // Anna Palma

Hair // Amy Farid

Makeup // Deanna Hagan


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  1. The perfect time to wear body jewelry is during the summers when we are showing more skin and wearing less layers and her body jewelry is looking perfectly charming.

  2. fantastic photos! model is amazing!ANECIA WAS HERE- more than passion ♥blog | facebook | twitter


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