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Breaking Point

Recently, I have been wearing my hair in a ponytail wayy too much. I get headaches and my scalp becomes sensitive after a while. I used to wear my hair down all of the time, but recently, I have wanted it out of my face. Below are some options that minimize hair breakage. If you're a ponytail addict like me and still want to wear them, consider wearing a high ponytail one day and a low ponytail the next so there isn't such a high risk of breakage.
20130702-144440.jpg1) The Pony Knot: pull your hair back to the nape and split into two sections. Tie the sections into a knot and tie with a clear elastic at the bottom. Optional: Spray hair with dry shampoo, and set with hairspray after styling.

20130702-144449.jpg2) The Messy Chignon: Loosly pull hair back and roll it like a burrito. Pin it, and pull out a few pieces. Optional: Secure with a light hold hairspray.

20130702-144515.jpg3) The Low Pony: Pull hair back to nape, except for a one inch piece, and secure with a clear elastic. Wrap the extra one inch section around the ponytail and pin. Optional: Spray hair with a dry shampoo.

20130702-144521.jpg4) Phish Tails: Divide hair into two sections and fishtail braid each side (video tutorial). Secure with a clear elastic. Optional: Spray hair with dry shampoo and tease random sections for a messier look.

20130702-144528.jpg5) Au Naturale: Let your hair down! Tease random sections, or curl it, straighten it, spray it, or do it all! --The messier, the better!

images via Pinterest.


  1. Love this post! I'm alwayssss looking for new ways to wear my hair, thanks for the fab suggestions. <3

  2. you're very welcome! I have been in such a ponytail rut lately...I needed some options ;)


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