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DIY Marbled Nail Polish Easter Eggs

This morning I decided to decorate some eggs for tomorrow, and made some marbled ones. The steps are below, and it is really easy to do!

 1) (Not Shown) Blow out eggs. Start by poking holes in either end of the egg with your needle and blow on it until all of the egg come out. Rinse it off.

2) Fill a container or bowl you don't care about with water deep enough to let the egg sit in it comfortably. Drop different colors of nail polish on to the top of the water and swirl it around with your needle.
 3) Dip the egg into the water carefully, and move it slowly to catch the nail polish design.

4) Carefully remove the egg from the water and place it on a paper towel to dry.

Note: After each egg, be sure to clean the top of the water so that it is free of any left over nail polish that has dried.
 Place your eggs in a bowl for a centerpiece or around the house for pops of color! They are all unique and because you blew them out, they can be used again next year. :)
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