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Prism + Sol: Somewhere Below the Canopy

My blogger friend, Tami Snodgrass of Sugarhigh + Lovestoned recently styled this breathtaking lookbook for her friend's new jewelry line, Prism + Sol! The line consists of simple statement pieces that capture the Hawaiian spirit and all things wild. Take a look!
In a land far away from most, we wake up to many days that often lead us here....
It is deep in the jungle where we can soak in all of the elements around us, 
feel the earth beneath our feet, the giant jungley leaves
through our fingers, and feel the mist from the waterfalls landing upon our faces.
For the rest of our time in this magical place, we promise to take in our surroundings, make note of the smell of each flower 
and will forever carry with us all of the beauty of this tropical dreamland.
stylist/web design & creative direction  //// tami snodgrass of Sugarhigh+Lovestoned
photography //// Reece Pottorff 
model //// Jazmin Repollo (follow her @jazirazzi)

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