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I always get really upset for the designer's sake when I see a knock-off of one of their products sold on another site. I know I would be really ticked if I saw my own design was altered a little bit and resold for cheap. Recently, Forever21 has been guilty of selling knock-offs of designs from jewelry designers like Lila Rice, Vega Jewelry, and Fendi. I think that it's really wrong and dishonest. 
Where do you stand on the issue? Fair game, or outrage-worthy? 

The Original

Lila Rice, Battle Necklace, $316.

The Copy
Forever21, Cutout Arrowhead Necklace, $4.80.

The Original
Vega Jewelry, Crystal Cuff, $225.

The Copy
Forever21, Faux Crystal Ring, $5.80.

The Original
Fendi, Metal Cutout Cuff, $155 (sale).

The Copy
Forever21, Cutout Geo Cuff, $8.80.

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  2. Really aggravating but copyright is such a pain... Copying goes both ways too. The big guys often copy the little ones who are then squeezed out because they can't compete with brand awareness.

  3. I don't know I know a lot of the expensive jewelry brands free people carries, use a lot of designs from tribal cultures. They alter the pieces slightly and don't give credit to the actual designers and take the designs for their own. Most of the pieces are not original at all just expensive markup of things you can get abroad for really cheap. For example last year they were selling a necklace which was essentially two Ethiopian traditional crosses on a a chain for $200 dollars. When I was traveling over there I picked up an almost identical piece for less than 10 dollars. So I have mixed feelings on the issues because it seems to go both ways.

    1. I totally agree with that. --often designers do tweak cultural designs and sell them as their own. I have mixed feelings about it too.

  4. I have been following this blog from some days and find all the time you come with some interesting topics. I agree with this thought that some sites copying the design and sell that jewellery at cheap rates, this is really a big issue.


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