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DIY: Dried Flower Wall Hanging

I love the look of dried flowers, so I came up with this DIY to incorporate the natural process of drying flowers and home decor. Everything to make it can be found outside or at any grocery store. :)
What You Will Need: Fresh flowers, a large stick or branch, 3 12 inch fabric strips, rubber bands, embroidery floss.
 1) Bundle your flowers together in groups of three or more by color or however you'd like. Secure each bundle with a rubber band.
2) Lay out your stick and flower bundles as if they were hanging from the wall, and tie the fabric strips to the stick and the flower bundles. 
3) Trim off any excess fabric and tie a piece of embroidery thread or string from one end of the stick to the other for hanging. 
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  1. those flowers look so great hanging on your wall, love it!


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