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I Love the 90's: School Girl Outfits

The school girl look became popular when the coolest girls in school from the movie, Clueless, rocked collared shirts with plaid mini skirts and thigh high socks. The fad continued when in Britney Spears' first album debuted in 1998. She wore iconic pink feathered scrunchies, pigtail braids, a tied collared button-down, a plaid mini skirt and thigh high socks in her video for her first hit, Baby One More Time.  Today, you can get the look by wearing a vintage plaid miniskirt from Etsy, a Shopping Is My Cardio Tee from Wildfox, pink scrunchies, and black ballet flats!

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  1. hey sweety :) i founf your blog on ifb. i remember this style from britney's videoclip :D you made great set :D
    i follow you & hope we can be friends :)

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